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Website Localization - Lingo Soft

What we offer

Lingo Soft offers a full suite of website localization services of unbeatable quality. Our services are ideal for all types of websites, in different industries, and in any of the major world languages.

Localization Engineering

Breaking down the website into basic components, extracting all content to be localized, and reconstructing everything back after localization.

Desktop Publishing

Adaptation of images including translation of embedded text, adaptation of RTL/LTR layout of tables and infographs, redesign of logos and covers in target language, etc.

3-Phase Translation

Professional TEP (Translation, Editing and Proofreading) translation for the whole website content including, meta description, titles, alt text, etc.

Multimedia Localization

Localization of audios and videos into the target language, including transcription, subtitling, voice-over, and dubbing.

The way you introduce your brand into a new market really matters. You have probably hired a professional copywriter to help you create your unique brand personality and communicate your message. When you opt for localizing your website, you are eager to maintain the same look and feel of your original website. We go the extra mile to make sure that your brand keep a consistent personality and voice in all localized versions of your website. Moreover, our native website localizers have perfect knowledge of the cultural nuances of your target locale, which ensures that your localized website will be culturally appropriate and relevant.

Everything Under One Roof


Our website localization service is rather a transcreation than mere translation of text.  Website slogans, taglines, titles, for instance, consist of a few words, yet have a message to convey. They cannot be translated the same way as a technical text with specific terminology and structure can be. Our transcreation team go beyond the literal meaning of words, transcreating the whole content of your website, including texts and graphics, while maintaining the original message and brand personality felt throughout.

In addition to transcreating your website copy, we are eager to provide your local visitors with a native-like experience. This requires our cultural specialists to review the whole content of your website, spot and adapt any cultural inappropriateness with the target locale. This includes the adaptation of texts, graphics, color schemes, units of measurement, and any other cultural specifics.  The result is a professionally localized version that looks and feels the same as a purely native website would do.

Cultural Adaptation

SEO-Friendly Translation

We know you have come a long way with your website ranking and won’t want your SEO efforts in the source language to be wasted. With extensive experience in translating marketing materials and website copies, our website localizers have been well trained to produce a localized website copy that observes SEO principles, incorporating your developed list of keywords to guarantee that your localized website will be a continuous success in the target market.

Post-localization Testing

The final step in your website localization journey is the post localization testing. Our expert QA testers, including native LSO and DTP specialists, take a final look at your localized website and perform a full testing process including language, layout and functionality.


Linguistic Testing

Ensuring no missing translation, in-context translation of UIs, appropriateness for the target audience, etc.


Layout Testing

Spotting any bugs/issues with UIs, fonts, formatting, images, color schemes, layout, design, etc.


Functionality Testing

Ensuring that all links and buttons work properly and that pages are laid out logically and consistently.

30+ Languages Around the World

A diverse pool of native qualified resources, Lingo Soft services are available in a wide variety of language pairs including Middle Eastern, African and Asian languages.

What Makes us Stand out?

The Quality you Trust

We promise to always deliver the quality results you will be satisfied with. Our growing list of happy clients makes us the language partner you can depend on.

Always on Time

We leave nothing to chance! Our expert project managers work day and night to ensure that everything goes according to schedules and deadlines, including the very tight ones.

Unbeatable Prices

We follow the best practices for cost optimization to manage projects with tight budgets, so that we can achieve your project requirements and meet your quality expectations.

It Has Never Been Easier

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