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Subtitling - Lingo Soft

What we offer

Audio Transcription

If not provided, subtitle text is created first by transcribers who are native speakers of the source language. Source subtitles are edited and proofread to ensure 100% accurate transcribed output.

Subtitle Translation

Subtitles are translated into the target language, going through a multi-phase translation process (TEP), ensuring fluent rendering of meaning, natural flow of dialogue, appropriateness of context, and overall language specifications.

Text Adaptation

Professional subtitlers with in-depth knowledge of subtitling criteria adapt the translated subtitles and break them into segments, accommodating character limitations and reading speed parameters.


Time-codes are set for when each subtitle should appear and disappear, adhering to minimum and maximum durations of subtitles on screen, in a way that synchronizes with the characters’ speech.


Subtitles are formatted in terms font size, color, alignment, line spacing, on-screen placement, etc. according to the industry standards for each projection and as per client’s requirements.


Simulating viewer experience, final quality assurance is performed to make timing adjustments and apply orthographic correction as needed.

Perfect for All your Needs

Our services is perfect for all types of audiovisual media whether for streaming services, television broadcast, theatrical release, live broadcast, DVD/Blu-ray editions, VOD, online content, etc.

  • TV Shows & Ads
  • Foreign-language TV Shows
  • Animation Movies
  • Documentaries
  • Video Games
  • Video lessons, lectures and webinars
  • Short Movies & Feature Films
  • Live Performances and Events
  • Conferences and Presentations
  • Marketing and Corporate Videos
  • Public Information Videos
  • Instructional Videos
  • YouTube Videos


We work with a vast array of state-of the-art professional subtitle software to produce highly-accurate perfectly timed subtitles that work on any video platform including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, iTunes, facebook, Amazon AWS, etc. Subtitles are delivered in any of the standard file formats you may require including srt, sub, sbv, ssa, scc, ttml, vtt, dfxp, , xml, txt etc.

30+ Languages Around the World

A diverse pool of native qualified resources, Lingo Soft services are available in a wide variety of language pairs including Middle Eastern, African and Asian languages.

What Makes us Stand out?

The Quality you Trust

We promise to always deliver the quality results you will be satisfied with. Our growing list of happy clients makes us the language partner you can depend on.

Always on Time

We leave nothing to chance! Our expert project managers work day and night to ensure that everything goes according to schedules and deadlines, including the very tight ones.

Unbeatable Prices

We follow the best practices for cost optimization to manage projects with tight budgets, so that we can achieve your project requirements and meet your quality expectations.

It Has Never Been Easier

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