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Software Localization - Lingo Soft

What we offer

We help you adapt your current software version to the language and culture of your new target audience. This goes beyond mere translation of the software UI. Other components such as help files, images and multimedia files are localized too, taking into consideration the local regulations and cultural nuances of the new market. A leading software localization service provider in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, Lingo Soft offers seamless software localization service bundle including localization engineering, translation, graphics adaptation & language sign-off, multimedia localization and post-localization testing.

Localization engineering

Localization engineering is a crucial step at your software localization journey. Our localization engineers first receive the source build of your software application and pave the way for other localization processes to follow. Localization engineering tasks may involve the following:

  • Analyzing all source files and deciding the best localization workflow
  • Extracting all components that need to be translated
  • Isolating non-translatable source codes and locking them before translation
  • Preparing translatable source content and sending it to the project manager
  • Providing technical support to production teams along their way
  • Making sure that all relevant content has been translated, including texts, images, media files, etc.
  • Integrating all files back into the build environment
  • Testing all technical details and fixing potential issues

All you Need in One Place


We understand well the linguistic and cultural specifics of software translation.  Our long-standing experience enables us to deliver clear, concise and consistent translation of all relevant content including UI, documentation files, metadata, alt texts, text phrases embedded in code, app description on the app store, etc. Also, we localize all the local-specific elements such as date, time, currency, units of measurement, etc.

The way your software is laid out is no less important. We hire a highly-competent team of desktop publishing specialists who skillfully localize all the visual elements of your software including graphics, menus, dialogue boxes, icons, buttons, etc. A native LSO specialist reviews afterwards the software UI to ensure that there are no display issues of any kind, and that the whole software looks perfect and is culturally appropriate.

Graphics Adaptation

Multimedia Localization

In addition to translation and graphics adaptation, our comprehensive software localization package covers all related audio and video files. We provide native professional transcription, subtitling and voiceover services for your software media files, tutorials, commercial ads, and everything you may need, so that your software would be fully ready to enter your target market.

Software Localization... Step By Step

Employing the industry’s best practices and top-notch technology, we integrate the complex processes involved in your software localization workflow, to deliver a time and cost-effective product of the finest quality.

Post-localization Testing

We utilize all our knowledge and resources to produce a localized version of your software that is accurately translated, good looking and properly functioning. Our specialized software QA testers simulate the user experience, and carry out a final testing process in terms of language, layout and functionality.


Linguistic Testing

  • No untranslated strings
  • Translation fits into context
  • Culturally appropriate content
  • Overall language quality

Layout Testing

  • No text layout issues
  • No unlocalized graphics
  • Adapted UI layout

Functionality Testing

  • All functions working properly
  • No difficulties with navigation
  • All bugs fixed

30+ Languages Around the World

A diverse pool of native qualified resources, Lingo Soft services are available in a wide variety of language pairs including Middle Eastern, African and Asian languages.

What Makes us Stand out?

The Quality you Trust

We promise to always deliver the quality results you will be satisfied with. Our growing list of happy clients makes us the language partner you can depend on.

Always on Time

We leave nothing to chance! Our expert project managers work day and night to ensure that everything goes according to schedules and deadlines, including the very tight ones.

Unbeatable Prices

We follow the best practices for cost optimization to manage projects with tight budgets, so that we can achieve your project requirements and meet your quality expectations.

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