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Multilingual Desktop Publishing - Lingo Soft

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

The same look and feel in every language

What we offer

For almost two decades, Lingo Soft has been able to provide a professional multilingual desktop publishing service, combined with pre and post DTP localization services including translation and language sign-off. Our DTP services are delivered by native experts who integrate perfect knowledge of locale-specifics and proficiency with DTP techniques and technologies.

Perfect for All your DTP Needs

Books, brochures, magazines, fliers, leaflets, user manuals, slideshows, etc.

Games, software, mobile apps, web apps, etc.

Websites and E-learning courses

All your Needs in One Place

From typesetting of simple text, to the adaptation of complex graphics and charts, through creating templates and layouts, our professional DTP specialists can help you create and localize all types of print or electronic publications.


Every language has its own set of peculiarities that defines the way it reads and looks. Considering translation from and into languages of different characteristics, many changes occur. For example, text length is likely to vary considerably, and writing direction may be altered. Our multilingual DTP service involves the typesetting of RTL, LTR and bidirectional languages, providing a text that is highly functional and visually pleasing.

Graphics Localization

A picture is worth a thousand words, and we are eager to make your carefully-chosen images maintain the same effect and look more culturally-relevant in every localized version. Our DTP specialists take care of all the visual elements of your project, providing full graphics localization including:

  • Localizing text embedded in images and making the necessary changes due to text expansion.
  • Adapting illustrations, charts, and infographs, especially between LTR and RTL languages.
  • Replacing culturally inappropriate images with other culturally relevant ones.
  • Resizing images, icons and all other visual elements to fit into the new layout.

Layout Adaptation

Your unique layout design plays a great part in shaping your brand's identity. Our native DTP team make sure that your original layout is adapted in such a way that captures your brand’s image and resonates with your target audience at the same time. Moreover, we create and update templates that can be consistently adapted into other languages. To meet specific formatting needs, we work in line with client-provided style guides, and we help develop them if needed. We ensure that your localized text and images will be presented in an eye-catching layout that typically matches your original one.

Language Sign-off

Desktop publishing tasks often deals with highly visible materials where achieving the finest quality is the only option. We always include a Language Sign-off service in our typical DTP workflow to ensure that the final product is a piece that looks perfect in terms of content and design. A native LSO specialist, in collaboration with a senior DTP specialist, perform final QA checks on the localized version. The QA tasks vary according to the type of material checked, but it usually involves:

  • Proofreading the translated content and correcting any possible language errors.
  • Making sure that the translation fits into the context where it will be used.
  • Ensuring that the whole content, including text and graphics, is culturally relevant.
  • Checking for any missing translation, missing text or objects.
  • Spotting any formatting issues with fonts and layout, and rechecking them after fixed.
  • Mirroring the source against target versions to detecting any discrepancies.
  • Ensuring consistent font styles, layout and color schemes throughout.
  • For pdf files, ensuring that all links are working, TOC is accurate, cross-references are consistent, etc.

Professional and Proficient

Working on both Windows and Mac operating systems, we can deliver all your DTP needs in almost all file formats. Our tech-savvy DTP specialists have excellent command of a vast array of professional DTP software. The growing list of the tools we master includes:

30+ Languages Around the World

A diverse pool of native qualified resources, Lingo Soft services are available in a wide variety of language pairs including Middle Eastern, African and Asian languages.

What Makes us Stand out?

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We promise to always deliver the quality results you will be satisfied with. Our growing list of happy clients makes us the language partner you can depend on.

Always on Time

We leave nothing to chance! Our expert project managers work day and night to ensure that everything goes according to schedules and deadlines, including the very tight ones.

Unbeatable Prices

We follow the best practices for cost optimization to manage projects with tight budgets, so that we can achieve your project requirements and meet your quality expectations.

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