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What We Offer

Lingo Soft offers 20+ years’ experience working in games translation and localization for global video game development companies, game publishers and MLVs. Our professional expertise is a combination of linguistic, cultural and domain competencies, coupled with high proficiency with translation technologies and compelling passion for playing games and everything to do with them. We deliver a broad spectrum of top-quality language services for the gaming industry including the following:

Terminology Management

We employ our knowledge of industry-specific terminology, available reference materials, pre-translated game versions, automated QA terminology checks to create and update global glossaries and term bases that can be used, after client's approval, to maintain consistency across large volumes and multiple releases of the game.


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Style Guide Creation
& Maintenance

A language style guide is key for consistent ongoing and large volume translation work. We help you create and maintain a unique style guide for your games localization project that specifies the needed tone of voice, orthography, locale-specific requirements, and any other stylistic instructions you may need us to follow.

Style Guide Creation & Maintenance

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Graphics Localization

From typesetting of simple text, to the adaptation of complex graphics, through creating and adapting layouts, you can rest assured that the localized version of your game looks perfect, creates the same emotional effect, and resonates with your target audience. We work with highly-qualified native DTP specialists who integrate perfect knowledge of language conventions, industry specifics and local norms, in addition to proficiency with DTP techniques and technologies.

Our graphics localization service includes:

Multimedia Localization

In addition to text translation and graphics localization, our vast wealth of experience in the multimedia localization industry enables us to provide world-class multimedia localization services for your game, including transcription, subtitling, voiceover and dubbing. An arsenal of native voiceover artists, language experts, and sound engineers and project managers, our team spares no effort to deliver the highest quality multimedia localization services that capture your game players and make your game stand out.

Unleash the Full Potential of your Game

From video game storytelling and character voice acting, to game trailers and gameplay videos, we provide professional voiceovers that make your story compelling and bring your characters to life. Our impressive array of video game voice actors include males and females capable of skillfully acting different age groups. You can choose the one who demonstrates your needed vocal quality and tone of voice, or let us choose for you.


Natives of over 30 different languages and dialects, our global network of video game voice artists provide voiceovers that tailor your game experience to match your target audience.


Energetic and engaging, our voice actors create an immersive gameplay experience that captures your game players and makes your game such a wonder to play.


Equipped with cutting-edge recording studios and editing software, our sound engineers ensure you get high standard voiceovers that sound great and professional.

Highly-Skillful Team

We are not only linguists, but also passionate gamers and professional game testers who live the gameplay experience before, during and after localization to ensure the sense of adventure is felt throughout the localized version. Our dedicated games localization team consists of:





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QA Testers

Win, Mac & Linux

Virtual Reality

Cloud Gaming Services

Game Consoles

iOS & Android apps

Card & Board Games

Game Platforms & Consoles

Our vast wealth of experience working on various games localization projects for global game development brands and publishers enables us to deliver top-quality localization services for all types of game platforms and consoles.

Game QA Testing

We utilize all our knowledge and resources to produce a localized version of your game that is professionally translated, good looking and properly functioning. Our game testing team; including LSO specialists, gamers and QA testers simulate the user experience, and carry out a final testing process in terms of language, layout and functionality.


Linguistic Testing


Layout Testing


Functionality Testing

Game Genres

Not only are we offering vast linguistic and technical expertise in games localization, but also we employ dedicated teams, including language professionals and gamers, fluent in different game genres, so that you can ensure that your game localization project is handled by the most qualified resources.

A diverse pool of native qualified resources, Lingo Soft services are available in a wide variety of language pairs including Middle Eastern, African and Asian languages.

What Makes us Stand out?

The Quality you Trust

Promising to always deliver the quality results you will be satisfied with. Our growing list of happy clients makes us the language partner you can depend on.

Always on Time

Leaving nothing to chance! Our expert project managers work day and night to ensure that everything goes according to schedules and deadlines, including the very tight ones.

Unbeatable Prices

Following the best practices for cost optimization to manage projects with tight budgets, so that we can achieve your project requirements and meet your quality expectations.

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    العربية الفصحى: مَرْحبًا بِكُمْ فِي وحدة الإنتاج الصوتي بشركة لينجو سوفت

    يَسُرُّنَا فِي وحدة الإنتاج الصوتي بشركة لينجو سوفت أن نقدم لكم نخبة من محترفي التَّعْلِيقِ الصَّوْتِيِّ، كَمَا أَنَّنَا نَسْعَى دَائِمًا إِلَى تَقْدِيمِ الْمُحْتَوَى الصَّوْتِيِّ لِعُمَلَائِنَا بِصَوْتٍ عذبٍ وأداءٍ جَذَّابٍ، وجودةٍ احترافية.

    العربية العامية: أهلا بيكم في “وحدة الإنتاج الصوتي” بشركة لينجو سوفت، في لينجو سوفت بنقدم لعملائنا المحتوى الصوتي بجودة احترافية، وأصوات متميزة، ولهجات عربية مختلفة، نضمن لك تجربة متميزة مش هتندم عليها وهتحب إنك تكررها

    لِنَبْدَأْ مَعًا خَطَوَاتِ بَرْمَجَةِ الْجِهَازِ:

    – اِضْغَطْ عَلَى زِرِّ التَّشْغِيلِ Power
    – اِنْتَظِرْ حَتَّى تَظْهَرَ شَاشَةُ الْبَدْءِ
    – اِضْغَطْ مَرَّتَيْنِ مُتَتَالِيَتَيْنِ عَلَى رَمْزِ الْإِعْدَادَاتِ Settings
    – اضبِطِ الْإِعْدَادَاتِ كَمَا تُرِيدُ، ثُمَّ اضْغَطْ عَلَى زِرِّ مُوَافِقٍ OK

    سَمِيرَة: يَا لَها مِنْ صَخْرَةٍ كَبِيرَةٍ … سَاعِدْنِي يَا سَامِرُ كَيْ نُنَحِّيَهَا جَانِبًا … يَاااااااااااه … إِنَّهَا ثَقِيلَةٌ جِدًّا. مَاذَا نَفْعَلُ؟! لَا بُدَّ أَنْ نَمُرَّ مِنَ هَذَا الْجِسْرِ قَبْلَ حُلُولِ الظَّلَامِ.

    سَامِر: يَا لَهَا مِنْ صَخْرَةٍ كَبِيرَةٍ … سَاعِدِينِي يَا سَمِيرَةُ كَيْ نُنَحِّيَهَا جَانِبًا … يَاااااااااااه … إِنَّهَا ثَقِيلَةٌ جِدًّا. مَاذَا نَفْعَلُ؟! لَا بُدَّ أَنْ نَمُرَّ مِنَ هَذَا الْجِسْرِ قَبْلَ حُلُولِ الظَّلَامِ.

    فِي أَطْرَافِ الصَّحْرَاء مُدُنٌ هَادِئَةٌ، لَا يُعَكِّرُ صَفْوَهَا مُنَغِّصَاتُ الْحَيَاةِ وَلَا تَقَلُّبَاتُ الزَّمَانِ، وَلَا يَشُقُّ سُكُونَهَا سِوَى صَوْتِ مُؤَذِّنٍ مِنْ هُنَا أَوْ هُنَاكَ.

    اَلْمُحِيطَاتُ آيَةٌ مِنْ آيَاتِ اللَّهِ الدَّالَّةِ عَلَى عَظَمَتِهِ وَقُدْرَتِهِ عَزَّ وَجَلَّ … سَنُبْحِرُ مَعًا فِي جَوْلَةٍ سَرِيعَةٍ إِلَى قَاعِ الْمُحِيطِ نَتَعَرَّفُ مِنْ خِلَالِهَا عَلَى أَغْرَبِ وَأَخْطَرِ الظَّوَاهِرِ الْبَحْرِيَةِ الْمَوْجُودَةِ فِي هَذَا الْعَالَمِ الْعَجِيبِ.


    English Marketing:

    Welcome Lingo Soft. My name is …

    Lingo Soft is pleased to introduce the voice over service to its clients. With all pride, we have a team of specialized calibers in the audio processing field. We continuously and consistently seek to provide quality voice over service appealing to our clients.


    • هل أنت جاهز للمعركة … هيا انطلق!
    • فخ! ابتعد .. العدو أمامك، اطلق النيران.
    • آه .. لقد أُصِبْتُ … اِحْمِني لأصِلَ إلى الحِصن.
    • رائع لقد أصبتَ الهدف .. نفّذِ المَهَمة التالية.