We help international businesses expand into the Middle East by providing various language solutions in almost every field, following a comprehensive process to produce optimum translation quality.


We Help International Businesses ...

Lingo Soft helps businesses willing to achieve global growth to expand in the Middle East by going beyond the language barriers. Our clients are now able to operate in more than 24 countries of the Middle East and North Africa.


Expand Into The Middle East ...

Thanks to our large database of native linguists, we efficiently provide various localization services mainly into Middle Eastern languages including Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, and Urdu. Trust your service or product is translated and culturally adapted in the most appealing look and feel to your Middle Eastern audience.


By Providing Various Language Solutions ...

We provide you with a comprehensive package of language services including Translation, Cultural Adaptation, Desktop Publishing, Software and Website Testing, Machine Translation Post-editing and Subtitling.


Get a high-quality translation service including Revision and Review by specialized production teams with extensive hands-on experience.


Have your product or service culturally and linguistically localized and get access to the fast-growing Middle Eastern marketplaces.


Now you don’t have to worry about handling the graphic elements of your publications with our native professional DTP specialists.


Apply a comprehensive linguistic and technical check to ensure proper functionality of your localized software or website.

Voice Over

Your voice-over project is now localized and appealing to your target audience through our professional voice-over talents.


Help your videos reach your target audience and increase views number with a fast and 100% accurate translation subtitling service.


In Almost Every Field ...

Lingo Soft comprises several production teams capable of handling various fields of specializations. Our extensive experience in translation along with specialized subject matter experts provide accurate translations in almost all areas of expertise.


Following A Comprehensive Process ...

Working in line with Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015, we are committed to providing localization services that meet applicable specification. Our stringent production cycle consists of several phases including:


A native translator first reads the original material and translates it into the target language, ensuring accurate and appropriate rendering of content in the target language.

SME Review

A subject matter expert with special knowledge in the field of specialization makes another review of the target version to ensure that the technical information is accurate and appropriate for the specific target audience.


Before delivering his or her own work, the translator does an overall self-revision of the translation to detect possible errors and make corrections as needed.


Target language proofreading is done by a specialized linguist who checks the translated text to ensure that it contains no structure, grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes.


Another human resource, with much greater experience in the field checks the source text against the target one, sentence by sentence and word by word. This includes correcting human translation mistakes (if any) and improving language style.

Final Verification & Delivery

The project manager verifies all components, making sure that all project specifications are met and all required deliverables are ready. The project is now completed and sent to the client.


To Produce Optimum Translation Quality ...

To ensure you get the optimal translation quality, we implement and monitor a quality plan that includes several modules and processes, making use of the following quality refinement techniques:

Focused Hiring & Training Process

A strict and picky recruitment process is followed to ensure the best resources are selected and assigned.

Subject Matter Experts

SME review is essential to verify the technical information included specially for specialized areas of expertise.

Advanced Technology

We employ cutting-edge technological resources to get the most out of human efforts and achieve a time and cost-effective service.

Effective Project Management

Our project managers work around the clock to ensure the best and most effective means of resource management.

Customer-Oriented Policy

A follow-up is carried out for documenting client feedback, implementing the minutest remarks and assess customer satisfaction.

Focused Hiring & Training Process

Subject Matter Experts

Advanced Technology

Effective Project Management

Customer-Oriented Policy


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